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About Blood Knight Order
Welcome to the guild site for Blood Knight Order. We recently transferred to Tichondrius from the US server Terenas-Alliance. We were a minor raiding guild that mostly was a group of tight knit friends out to have fun. The majority of our player base went on to other games so the leadership decided that a change in scenery would reviatalize the guild. In Legion we will be mostly focusing on small group content with an emphasis on Mythic+ dungeons. If your looking to join or have any questions send a letter to Egombor or apply on the site!

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Just arrived on Tichondrius! Goals for Legion

by Arsong Sunstrider, 63 days ago

Having just transferred to Tich earlier this week we will be starting to focus on getting a solid playerbase. Since I've started my new job it will be hard for me to lead raids on a consistent basis. I am looking for an experienced raid leader that is interested in organizing raids and leading them. I will be focused on leading a Mythic+ group. This will be our primary goal.


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Legion and future goals

by Arsong Sunstrider, 266 days ago

Hey everyone! I've been really bad at updating the website lately but with Legion being announced and Wod going through a slow time the majority of the guild is taking breaks or leveling alts. Our goals are around the time the pre-expac patch is released we will start recruiting heavily for raiders. I personally prefer smaller raid groups around 10-15 so we will be looking for the best possible players. Well I think that's all for now, I'll try to keep this updated more but you can always find me in game!



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